January 2011

Olga Danelone, January 2011
Unreality. Metaphorical reality, different from itself.
The slogan ‘Avanguardia rossa’ advertising different types of red shoes. A revolutionary cry and an objectified utopia. It reads like a joke and perhaps that’s the way it should be. As if the political system was to realize the existence of a democratic-state without colours or symbols.
My research into the absurdity of unreality.
Everything has been emptied of meaning but at the same time no archetype has been thrown away, everything can be used to serve an end.
Idealized beauty. I can choose. You can choose.
With or without possessing, I search for myself which has and possesses.
The contact with the body, with nature. I empty beauty in order to create my passion, my values, my ideals in the circle where I pass my time.

Olga Danelone, May 2011.
My painting is a research into myself through philosophy and science.
Science, Biology, quantum theory, to be conscious of these explanations of the universe, to perceive them and express them and feel them in the first person, not to be distanced from what surrounds me. My body absorbs them and shares them with my time, the social, the political, the economic.
We are all experiencing great changes in our perception of the universe and of ourselves. Through these scientific discoveries, which offer a kaleidoscopic philosophy of reality, we obtain a vision of the togetherness of the universe renewed and pure.