Writings in open order

January, 2000
Play = being. A circle or a cross, or…
The game,
decisions, shifts,…when,…how.
Being – movements – being.

April, 2000
In the emptiness. To be… to stay…
The passage from the material part to the airy, immaterial one, that creates a vacuum in our throat.
Halfway, right halfway.
Nameless pleasure.
Halfway, right halfway.

April, 2000
How much art is there in what I do and how much art is there in my existence? My living, flowing,… It could be art event if I didn’t create art in the concrete sense of the word. Furthermore it could be part of my artistic path, as a stage, or a step in the artistic way. My living, a work of art, swinging, warm, cold, “is”, existing.

• Do not waste what you receive as a present.
• Take advantage of the moment for your own wellness.
• Do not criticize other people’s experience, you would have probably done the same.
• If we accept our errors, we receive the confirmation.
• We are given what we give.

Events happen despite our will, but thanks to our Decisions.
I decide and then something happens, but we do not what is going to happen until the Fact.
The aim of the Good exists and is always with us, together with the opposite side of the “not Good”.

Decision = Fact / But how is it going to be done?
The Fact is connected to the Good of the Decision.

If the EXPERIENCE with its fears, has brought up to now to certain decisions, it means that the schemes that we have used do not work.
If I delete the building of these fears (that is the experience that creates fears) the reaction in front of the fear is not useful anymore, but the uselessness of the fear itself.

Another answer, or the following answer, is the acceptance of the present, instinctive schemes that are connected to on objective good, towards a positive changing in the society.

I feel
Ambiguity in who sees and in what is seen.
Ambiguity in what I see with the Feel.
The Felt subject everything.

Visual movement that includes all the sensations.

• Art as a necessity
• Necessity of making Art
visual movement that includes all the sensations = ART

REALITY = Feeling the perception = EVALUATION OF REALITY
With the senses of the art, to feel the reality, to feel what we have to= Creation

Better Creating for every instant

What is the purpose of doing all that?
Yes, yes, there is a purpose. Do you remember the primary school? You used to ask the same questions, and the things that you thought were useless at that time, now are no more; therefore “do”, and then you will have the answer.