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Olga Danelone explores the theme of awareness in the 90s, turning her interest to oriental philosophies, continues with western philosophy together with scientific and technological themes. Through a constant study of international essays and readings, she comes to the concept of displacement, flow; movements composed of matter and energy.

Communication is understood by Danelone as chemical language, as a sensor of the community extended to the exponential development of humanity on the planet (today more than 7,000,000,000), as the analysis of the status of insect communities in particular ants, bees and termites, and termites with their apparently inexplicable movements, but which are linked to the process of trophallaxis. The reciprocal exchange of nourishment (basis of the bio-chemical component of communication), which involves social dynamics.

The motor impulse “multiplied over time by the totality of the universe”, the transit idea that underlies the founding concept of life is a starting point of the biological concept of the human aggregate in a territorial visualization, intended as the expression of a condition contemporary urban. This produces the “maps”, unmistakable visual elaboration of Olga Danelone. And with the maps, the absolutely contemporary symbols of an idea of unstoppable “transit”, such as highways, interchanges, roundabouts and confluences, escalators, – human parallel of insect trophallaxis – which produces a common purpose and desires, group understanding, social cohesion.

In the constant artistic research, new appendages are added, new roles, in which Danelone identifies herself, as that of the Publisher, with copyright, or that of the architect for the need, in both cases, to validate, authenticate your road project, the work produced, by placing a brand on it. Thus was born the stamp “Olga Danelone – International Street View”. Or, last corollary of the path, “Pac-Man, Trophallaxis World” this little creature with head and big eyes, comparable to electronic games also available in casinos and therefore a harbinger of hopes and desires, as well as pre-established fate-paths, which goes around through the ways of the world, and in which our human dimension is identified in the technological era.

Olga Danelone was born in Italy in 1964.

She performs advertising, artistic and multimedia studies in Udine and Urbino: Advertising Technique, poster designer, two years from 1979 to 1981 Udine; Chalcography course – Raffaello Academy in Urbino in 1991.

Giovanni da Udine School of Art, 4 years, from 1984 to 1989 in Udine; a year of Graphic Computer at the Youth Center of Udine 1991; course of Video Techniques with the Cinematographic Expression Cinema of Udine in 1994.

Next to her work as a painter, at first she carried out an analysis on Eastern philosophy and, afterwards, along with scientific themes, on Western philosophy.

Philosophy and science are still part of her personal and artistic research.

Olga Danelone, began her exhibition activity in 1986, her works can be found in public and private collections in Italy and abroad.

Solo exibition

2019 My way, on the way, Trophallaxis World, Museum of modern art Ugo Carà, Muggia, Trieste, Italy

Space in Space, Gallery Mario Di Iorio, Gorizia, Italy;

2018 Floor plans, Pab Gallery, Portogruaro, Treviso, Italy

2017 Trophallaxis Travel “Igo Gruden” House, Aurisina, Trieste, Italy; Trophallaxis Travel, LuxArt Gallery, Trieste, Italy

2016 Intime appearances, Casa delle donne, Udine, Italy

2015 As the crow flies, FVG Regional Council, Trieste, Italy

2013 Inventories and Inventions, Palazzo Ferrajoli, Rome, Italy

2011 Standby, Maria Cilena Gallery, Milan, Italy

2009 Tale of Multiverses, Italian Cultural Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Tale of Multiverses,, Mestna Galerija Nova Gorica, Slovenia

2007 Alphabets dreamed, The Editions Laboratory, Naples, Italy

2005 If you say, Kulturni dom, Gorizia, Italy

2004 If you say, Villa de Brandis, San Giovanni al Natisone, Udine, Italy

2001 Reflected games, Former Hospital of the Battuti, S. Vito al Tagliamento, Pordenone, Italy

1997 Appearances and passages, Colloredo Castle in Monte Albano, Udine, Italy

1994 What reality, Sala Antiche Mura, Monfalcone, Gorizia, Italy


Collective exhibition

2018 Caos & Silenzio, Biennale Lucca, Italy; DADODU & CO 1977-2017, State Archive of Salerno, Italy

2017 More or less positive, Palazzo Costanzi, Trieste, Italy

2015 Break Time, Maria Cilena Gallery, Milan, Italy

2014 Ibridifogli artist book, Palazzo Pinto, Salerno, Italy; Involuntary memory, Spazio Trart, Trieste, Italy

2013 Finale Di Partita, Plurima Gallery, Udine, Italy

2012 Multiple proposals, Galleria Plurima, Udine, Italy; Square, Teatro S. Giorgio, Udine, Italy

2011 54th Venice Biennale, Trieste; 2 + 1 minipersonals, Maria Cilena Gallery, Milan, Italy

2010 Non Solo Painting, Galleria Plurima, Udine, Italy

2008 DiSegno mental, Galleria Grossetti, Milan, Italy; Clicking the territory, Castello Ricetto, Vercelli, Italy

2005 The art Card, Sharjah Art Museum, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2003 6 years of Punto 6, San Vito al Tagliamento, Pordenone, Italy

2000 Natural Image by Luciano Fabro, Colonos di Villacaccia, Udine, Italy

1996 The Gioconda mustache, Arte Fiera, Pordenone, Italy

1994 40 × 40, Galleria Grigoletti, Pordenone, Italy

1987 Africa Price, Mombasa, Kenya (3rd Prize)



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