Claudio Cerritelli – Possible Flows, Milan 2015 (English text)

Claudio Cerritelli 2015, critic, essayist and art curator, professor at the Accademia di Brera, Milan
(…) The space painted by Danelone is real and virtual, concrete and illusive, a place of exchange and contact, visual metaphor to represent the changes and the relational connections which are the basis of common interactive vision.
Time, space, proportion, disproportion, flow, and loss are concepts that are rethought and reveal the behavior and motor skills conditioning – from the biological roots to the sociological reflections- are connected by a continuous convergence effect between the natural and the artificial.
The conceptual pattern of “trophallaxis” is explored by the artist to reflect upon the intense state of lability of perception, with the hope that the relationship between man and the world can defy the invasive pace of serial depersonalization to find – through art- new areas of meaning.